Trump-lover David Urban scorched by panel after trying to claim Trump's security clearance revocation is no big deal
David Urban on CNN- screenshot

On Monday, CNN's Jake Tapper's panel slammed President Donald Trump's former aide David Urban for defending President Donald's Trump latest effort to revoke security clearances for former law enforcement officials.

Urban tried to make it out to be not be a big deal. "I know this is a revoking of security clearances. These gentlemen have been retired for quite some time. I think it's  nice that they're allowed to keep the clearances to be a part of the club," Urban said.

Political analyst Kristen Powers called out Urban for not seeing the seriousness of the issue.

"The thing is that he's not applying it equitably and only to people who have criticized him. People who I have certainly had disagreements with, and I'm sure others have and would agree pretty patriotic individuals, some served in the military, they have held positions working for Republicans and Democrats. To make it out like it's not that big of a deal, it is a big deal when the president singles out people criticizing him who are very  reputable," she said.

The panel then hammered Urban over saying that the Trump administration shouldn't take advice from previous president who disagree with him. "The notion that somehow the Trump administration is going to sit around and say Kumbaya with the officials of the Obama administration?" He suggested.

"That's incredibly damaging thing to say," Barack Obama and George Bush never spoke? What we see with Trump over and over is we're learning a lot about our system," Powers said.

She continued: "That the president can do this. No president ever did do this. That seems predicated on the idea to be patriotic, that you're going to put the country before yourself and your petty little problems with other people and that you're going to recognize people disagree with you and that you're going to be okay with that."

Watch below.