Trump is mad being president 'isn't as fun as it should be' — and it's why he's 'going bananas' online
President Donald Trump (AFP/File / Nicholas KAMM)

Donald Trump has been increasingly frustrated by the lack of "fun" he has as president — and with the people who work for him that are unable to sell his policies.

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman revealed that not only was Trump warned privately that his family separation policy would be political suicide, but that the failure of his hardline political stance turned the president's mood foul.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) both privately told the president that he would "go down big" on the policy, a Republican briefed on the conversations told Sherman. As backlash against the family separations reached a fever pitch, Trump blinked and signed an executive order reversing it — but not without grumbling about it to those around him.

"He was very unhappy,” a Republican who spoke with Trump said. “He was perturbed the immigration issue had gotten out of hand. He’s feeling that being president isn’t as fun as it should be. He thinks he’s not getting the credit he deserves about the economy and North Korea. He said, ‘These people around me don’t know how to sell.’"

His frustration with the fallout from the policy and the North Korea summit are "why he’s going bananas on Twitter," the Republican told Vanity Fair.