President Donald Trump skipped a Tuesday intelligence briefing to sit in the White House residence to watch cable news and share his thoughts on Twitter.

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur put on screen one of Trump's tweets, remarking, "I feel like we are living on Earth One and Earth Two."

"Katy, you asked if [Trump] had consumed the media coverage," NBC News Pentagon correspondent Hans Nichols said. "He did not make his way to the West Wing until well after noon today, that gave him plenty of time to digest the media and perhaps watch a little cable TV."

"And what's interesting is that he had an intelligence briefing on his schedule yesterday, this morning, the intelligence briefing was no longer there and no reason given for why that changed," Tur noted.

[caption id="attachment_1316191" align="aligncenter" width="640"] MSNBC graphic showing President Donald Trump's change of schedule.[/caption]

"Just scrubbed from his schedule," Nichols noted. "Officially, that was on the schedule, and then it wasn't -- and that is where we stand the now as the president is going to about to try to talk to the press the American people about just what his intentions were with Vladimir Putin."

In addition to canceling his Presidential Daily Briefing, the commander-in-chief also blew off a planned lunch with Vice President Mike Pence.