Trump staffers whine to Fox News about being exiled from DC dating scene: 'We now all date one another -- it’s safer that way'
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

Young Republicans haver been thoroughly exiled from the mainstream Washington, D.C. dating scene and have taken to hiding their political affiliations on first dates or only dating people from work, according to a new report from Fox News.

A female staffer says that Republicans now "stick to our own."

“Basically, we now all date one another," she said. "It’s safer that way... I didn’t think coming to the heart of the nation’s capital would be like this, but it’s a reality these days.”

Another said that she got flak for a profile photo with with the American flag.

“Guys say, ‘Are you one of those Trumpies?’ It’s ridiculous,” she said. “How did posing with the American flag turn me into a country-hating loser?”

Even lobbyists closely aligned with Trump are feeling the heat. One of them, Janine Olsen, said she avoids talking politics on early dates—not because she'll go forward with the relationship, but just to avoid being told she's a bad person.

“It doesn’t help in the long run but it gets me out of a lengthy lecture about how I am ruining the country. I’m not lying. I’m just not offering up my political positions on the first date anymore.”