Trump supporters freak out after self-declared 'parody' doctor celebrates aborting of ‘white fetuses’
A Trump supporter demonstrates in New York City (Shutterstock).

The far right is not exactly known for critical, nuanced thinking, so it should come as no surprise that it's not too hard to prank them on Twitter.

A Twitter parody account @DrNifkin, posing as a Mayo Clinic doctor, outraged Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists when the fake physician boasted about aborting Trump supporters' babies last week.

“When Trump supporters come to my office at the Mayo Clinic, I love misdiagnosing their healthy pregnancies as ectopic so they have to abort their white fetuses,” @DrNifkin wrote last week, the Daily Beast reported.

"That’s murder! Premeditated!" wrote one Twitter user in response.

"I hoped this was bot but seems it’s not, you love that you can rattle the apple cart? You have fun at it!! Do you not know every idol (sic) word you will give account for? These words are murderous. But your heart is cold, ice cold," he concluded.

For days, the Mayo Clinic had to ward off attacks by conservatives on Twitter who were outraged that the medical center and research hub would employ Dr. Nifkin.

“Sick sick stuff,” Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson tweeted.

Dr. Nifkin's Twitter profile identifies him as an "obstetrician at the world renowned Mayo Clinic parody."