WATCH: Anderson Cooper can't stop from laughing as he replays today's Sarah Huckabee Sanders antics
CNN's Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday night, CNN's Anderson Cooper tried to wrap his head around the Trump administration's justification for threatening to strip former officials of their security clearance.

For one thing, Cooper pointed out, accusing the former agency heads of "false accusations" against the President—as Sarah Huckabee Sanders did today—is pretty rich, given the Trump administration's own flexible definition of truth and propensity for lobbing attacks at perceived enemies.

"That's a little rich, by itself" Cooper said with a short, disbelieving laugh. "But wait, there's more."

Even more bizarre was the administration's accusation the the former heads of law enforcement and intelligence agencies were "politicizing and monetizing" their years of public service.

That, Cooper pointed out, was the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

"Pot, meet kettle," Cooper joked.

He went on to point out that while there's yet definitive proof that Donald Trump and his associates have personally profited from his presidency, there have been plenty of questions raised about conflicts of interest between the Trump family's personal financial ventures and policies pursued in office.

Cooper then chronicles all the ways that Trump and his surrogates have politicized intelligence communities — only to now turn around and accuse intelligence agencies of inappropriately injecting themselves into the political debate.