WATCH: Attorney Avenatti offers to represent Michael Cohen if he spills the beans on Trump and turns 'state's evidence'
Michael Avenatti appears on MSNBC (screen grab)

Could Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen end up with the same attorney?

It seems improbable given the possible conflicts of interest in the ongoing matters involving President Trump's personal attorney and the porn star he paid-off after conducting one of his affairs, but Michael Avenatti said it was possible in an appearance on MSNBC on Friday night.

Avenatti told host Ari Melber that he recently ran into Cohen at a restaurant in New York and that the men chatted.

"I think that Michael Cohen has been placed on an island. I've said this in the past. I think it was a grave mistake by the president, if there was anyone that the president should have been looking out after," Avenatti said. "He should have been inviting Michael Cohen to the White House a long time ago."

Melber asked Avenatti if he would ever help Cohen.

"I'm not going to say 'no' as it relates to potentially representing Michael Cohen," he said. "If he was prepared to do the right thing and come clean and basically turn state's evidence, I would absolutely consider it in an effort to disclose information and bring the truth to the American people."

Watch below.