WATCH: Dem strategist flattens Jack Kingston when he tries to claim asylum seekers aren't being separated from children
Maria Cardona, Jack Kingston, Fredricka Whitfield (Photo: Screen capture)

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona and President Donald Trump's shill Jack Kingston battled during Sunday's CNN Newsroom over the crisis on the US/Mexico border.

"You know we didn't get here overnight," Kingston said. "We didn't get here because of President Trump or President Obama alone."

"Actually, we did," Cardona cut in. She was referring to Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions deciding to implement a tolerance policy that put those crossing the border in prison and took their children away, and in detention facilities. Both Cardona and host Fredricka Whitfield talked over Kingston, fact-checking him.

"It's the legislative branch that creates the laws," Kingston tried to say. While that is theoretically true, Trump has preferred to govern by executive order. In this case, it was a "policy" that changed, not a law.

"No, no. That's wrong," Whitfield cut in. "This is a result of the zero tolerance policy. That's what we're talking about."

"That wasn't there before," Cardona agreed.

Kingston wouldn't concede that he was wrong, instead he promised, "we are going to get families reunited. I think it's going to happen. I think it has happened. I would be kind of interested to know if any of these people you have spoken to in the last couple days -- not a sarcastic question -- but did any of them say, 'I wish we would have done this legally."

Cardona informed Kingston that the families are all ones who came through the port of entry asking for asylum.

"All of them?" Kingston asked.

"Yes, all of them," she told him.

"OK, if you went through a legal port of entry, you are not to be separated from your family," Kingston said.

"Well, there you go," Cardona quipped. "That's the problem with the zero tolerance policy, Jack. This president, when he decided let me separate these children from their mothers, I think he thought it'll be a great deterrent. He's just wrong and incompetent."

There are multiple cases that have gone into lawsuits, mothers brought their children with them through ports of entry requesting asylum. Both of those mothers were told they could advance to the next round after being approved.

In an email, the spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection told reporters to read the Homeland Security fact sheet about ICE detentions. That DHS fact sheet claims it is a "myth" that families seeking asylum at ports of entry are being separated.

Watch the segment below: