WATCH: Fox News’ Shep Smith can’t keep his cool as he outlines Trump’s coddling of Putin
Fox News host Shepard Smith (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, as President Donald Trump landed in Brussels for the first leg of his trip abroad—which will culminate in a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland—Fox News' Shep Smith tried to wrap his head around the ramifications of the trip.

'We don't have to tick off all that Vladimir Putin has done," Smith said.

"We're in the middle of a historic investigation in this country about the meddling in our own election. There's zero doubt among any one in intelligence in the United States that the Russians meddled in 2016 and working to meddle in 2018 and working to meddle in 2020 and the President of the United States has not condemned him at all, only said that he denies it," Smith said.

"Of course he denies everything!" he observed of Putin.

Smith pointed out that President Trump has already abrogated his responsibility as head of state by failing to impose adequate sanctions, leaving matters to Congress.

"So Congress will have to act to get the President of the United States to implement the sanctions against the man that invaded Crimea and meddled in our elections?" Smith asked incredulously.