WATCH: Fox News tries to mock Michael Moore for his protests -- but ends up calling him fat instead
Jason Chaffetz and Michael Moore (Photos: Screen capture and Shutterstock)

Last week, progressive activist Michael Moore called on one million people to come to Washington to surround the Capitol, in a protest of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominee.

On Fox News' the Five, the panelists mocked Moore's civic action—then smirked about his weight.

"Michael Moore getting in the conversation about the Supreme Court pick. He says he's going to have one million people surrounded the U.S. Capital to prevent confirmation of any Trump pick," Juan Williams said.

"That's preposterous," decided Dana Perrino

Resident wit Jason Chaffetz, shot back, "It would probably take 1 million people to get all the way around Michael Moore."

"Oh!" the panelists replied.