WATCH: After GOP criticized Obama for doing an apology tour -- Chertoff claims Trump literally did one to Putin

As the fallout over President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin continues, more former officials are speaking out against what they see as a weak move by President Donald Trump.

On MSNBC Monday, former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff noted that when President Barack Obama toured the Arab world to improve relations with Muslims following a decade of war under President George W. Bush (and that continued under Obama)—conservatives, including Donald Trump, derided him as weak.

"I remember the criticism when President Obama appeared to be apologizing for the US and I think Donald Trump among others called it an "apology tour" and we seem to be having a replay of the apology tour in Helsinki," said Chertoff, who was instrumental in War on Terror policies like silencing prisoners about torture and helping author the Patriot Act.

Nicolle Wallace tried to differentiate between Obama's diplomatic reach out to global leaders and Donald Trump's seeming giveaway to President Putin.

"That was distinct in that he was acknowledging sort of 'known knowns' in one of our former colleague's terms Sec. Donald Rumsfeld. There seems to be a big difference between a new president sort of going abroad and apologizing for obvious and known foreign policy in his new mistakes," Wallace said. "And a president standing in front of an American adversary and saying "I believe what he says not what my own intelligence agencies say ... "

Chertoff doubled down, pointing out that Donald Trump doesn't appear to be exhibiting the muscular foreign policy he promised.

"It follows from that if you're going to criticize what President Obama does you obviously should not be endorsing this," he said.

"Secretary Chertoff it's nice to see you, my friend," journalist Wallace said to the architect of policies that have helped alienate Muslims all over the world.

Wallace served as White House Director of Communications under President Bush.