WATCH: KGB sleeper agent Jack Barsky on 'amateurish' Russian 'spy' Maria Butina
Maria Butina

On Tuesday, Jack Barsky — author and former sleeper agent of the KGB - appeared on Fox News to lend his expertise to the arrest of Maria Butina Sunday night.

Butina, who posed as a Russian gun enthusiast, is accused of trying to reach high-level GOP lawmakers by way of the National Rifle Association. It appears that the government suspects Butina of trying to establish back-channels with the Russian government.

Barsky has tentatively concluded that Butina is, in fact, an aspiring spy—but that her hijinks are hardly the fodder for an episode of the Americans.

In a detail that stood out to Barsky in the indictment, Butina talked to what appears to be a top Russian operative over Twitter DM—quite the insecure channel of communication.