WATCH: Maryland Muslim war refugee family describes months of late night terror attacks on their home

As the Trump administration continues to agitate the American public with anti-refugee rhetoric, it's no surprise Muslim families living in America have experienced an uptick in hate crimes.

A Muslim family in Dunkalk, Maryland alleges that they've undergone a series of deeply disturbing incidents, reports WJZ.

First, they found a wine bottle in their yard and their house keeps getting egged. One day, someone threw a battery and metal through a bedroom window, the Iraqi refugees claim.

“It started like seven months ago, they started knocking on our doors and running away, but in Ramadan it started getting more and more,” the refugee, who remained anonymous out of fear, told WJZ.

“The way that this family is being treated is unAmerican. It is not a part of who we are as a people,” said Karim Amin, president of Muslim Social Services Agency.

According to CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, there was a 17 percent increase in such incidents against Muslims in 2017.

CAIR's Dr. Zainab Chaudry told the station the family is terrified. “At the time when this happened the family was very disturbed, very distraught. They are fearful for their lives,” he said.

“I hope that the police can stop this because we came here to be safe, to get a good education. We weren’t expecting none of this stuff, so we hope they can do something better about this incident,” said the refugee.