WATCH: Police arrest 69-year-old man while laying in bed over a 1989 warrant
Chris Clain [Photo: Screengrab from Twitter]

Chris Cline called Oakland County police officers for help finding his daughter, and instead found himself in jail for charges from 1989.

Police arrested Cline, 69, while he was lying in bed. He had a warrant that is over two decades old that he got while living in Detroit, according to ABC 7 news.

His daughter, Trillion Wright, posted the arrest to Facebook.

“You have to admit this is stupid, officer,” Wright said.

“This doesn’t make sense," said Wright. "This isn’t murder, rape, a bomb threat. He’s not a terrorist."

Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, told The Washington Post that his charges are for larceny, retail fraud and receiving stolen property.

“Since [Cline] has three outstanding criminal cases, he will have to appear in court, and there will be new court dates set up for him to appear on [those] cases,” Miller said.

Officers took him to Oakland County Jail and released him the next day. According to an ABC 7 police told him to turn himself into Detroit authorities.

Watch below.