WATCH: Protesters harass Trump with 'leave our country' as he attempts to play golf at his Turnberry club
Anti-Trump protesters at Turnberry -- screenshot

Thousands are protesting in Scotland this weekend as Donald Trump stays at his Turnberry golf club, and they're making clear they don't want the American president in their country.

"No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA," some of those protestors, within viewing distance of Donald Trump, chanted Saturday morning at the president. Trump can be seen in the video below playing golf.

He walks near the protestors and waves, with a dozen or so police officers in between.

Also nearby, a seemingly different group of protestors were filmed shouting, "leave our country." One woman speaking to the press cited "the racism, the discrimination," along with Trump's policies on climate change as some of the reasons for their protests.

"He's just backtracked on a lot of great stuff that Obamas had done," she added.