Watch: Rachel Maddow exposes evidence showing Trump's team was behind Cohen tape leak
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (Screen capture)

Rachel Maddow strongly suspects that Donald Trump and his legal team are behind today's big news about an audio recording of Trump and his then-lawyer discussing payments to at least one of the women Trump paid hush money to following affairs.

As Maddow said, reporting suggests that these tapes were deemed privileged communication between an attorney and client.

"So they would not be given to prosecutors," she said. "We have had weeks of wrangling over whether this stuff is privileged... they would turn out to be covered and prosecutors wouldn't be allowed to see them."

Then Maddow pivoted into explaining how this is "really important now to understanding why we have all learned about this today

"So that means the only people who would have had access are [Trump and] Michael Cohen's lawyers," she said. "His lawyers apparently didn't leak this thing... it means by process of elimination that president Trump's lawyers did."

Maddow said that Trump's lawyers leaking the tapes mean that they serve his own interests.

"Don't get your chain yanked on this one," she said. "President Trump's lawyers found out this tape existed. For obvious reasons they realized it may be a pretty ugly thing. So today the president's lawyers themselves appear today have leaked the existence of this tape to get out ahead of this story... You should know the reason we got those headlines is because the president's legal team decided you should see this story today. They did it themselves."

Watch below.