WATCH: Street protests erupt in Chicago after police officer reportedly shoots black man in back as he was fleeing
Protestors and police began shoving during a protest that erupted after cops reportedly shot a local man/Screenshot

A black man was killed by police in Chicago, immediately drawing an angry crowd that began pushing police at the scene, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

The Sun-Times reporter on the scene says that the incident happened at 71st and Chappel, deep on the South Side. The reporter tweeted that "a very large crowd is gathering" formed, and that "it's hard to put in words how tense the scene is. Witnesses say a female officer shot the man in the back while he was running away."

The reporter tweeted that the man's nickname was "Snoop" and that he was a barber in the neighborhood.

The speed with which the protest began shocked veteran reporters on the scene.

Watch video of the scene below.