Watch Tucker Carlson lose it at a black writer who wants to force Fox News viewers to understand race

One Monday night, writer Ricky L. Jones, opinion contributor at the Courier-Journal appeared on the Tucker Carlson show to discuss his latest op-ed titled "Was James Baldwin right when he called white Americans moral monsters?"

Jones appeared to be trying to have a smart, nuanced discussion about race. As is often the case on Fox News, the appearance instead devolved into Carlson throwing a hissy fit about how oppressed white people are.

"I would read the piece. I think, unfortunately as I talked to your producer this afternoon, being pugnacious with people like you and I when we don't know one another, it makes good television. But it doesn't make people understand one another," Jones said.

"Don't get, look, I'm quoting your piece. Hold on, is this quote incorrect -- " Carlson continued.

"No, you're quoting -- "

"Are these your words? What did you mean, why are so many white Americans -- "

Jones tried to stay calm.

"I'm going to be patient with you. I'm going to be patient with you and let you ask and answer the questions you like to. But we'll run out of time, television is certainly a short platform. Again, I encourage -- "

"You said it five times," Carlson continued. "Why don't you answer my question, which is, would it be okay for me to write the sentence, "Why are black Americans so brutally mean and insensitive. If you would, please answer the question."

"I'm answering the question. The first thing that I would do, what I would not limit myself in a very myopic way to one sentence of a piece. I would endeavor to read the article?"