WATCH: White man goes on racist tirade because neighbors were playing Latin music

Racist white rage directed at people of color doing totally innocuous things has begun to occur with alarming frequency (or at least there are more cell-phones to record it).

A Petaluma, California man lost it on the 4th of July because his neighbors were playing Latin music to celebrate the holiday.

A cell phone recording shows the man screaming that his neighbors “disrespect my f***ing country” and “you want to do that on the Fourth of July … throw it in my face?”

Ivette Celedon, who shot the cell phone video, told CBS local that the music had not been very loud.

“My father-in-law has a speaker out back and it wasn’t that loud, especially not over their loud music that they have a July 4th party every year,” Celedon said. “And we have never complained about them.”

“So in a family backyard bbq we’re not allowed to have Spanish music because it’s disrespectful to the country?????”  Celedon posted on Facebook. “Land of the free right? Celebrating independence!!! We are celebrating Independence Day just like everyone else! #neverhadaproblemuntil2018.” Celedon is a third-generation American immigrant of Mexican descent.

The neighbor has since apologized, CBS local reports. But his apology was not exactly the most enlightened takeaway from the incident.

“Sometimes I wish they would assimilate more," he said. "I hear them playing [Spanish language] music in the backyard all the time and it doesn’t bother me. Because of the day and what July 4th means to me, I felt disrespected."