WATCH: White Virginian bigot screams at another man to 'go back to Afghanistan'
Reston, Virginia man yells racial slurs at another man in a viral video. Image via Facebook/screengrab.

A now-viral video posted to Facebook and Twitter shows a Virginia man yelling slurs and telling another man to "go back to Afghanistan" in a racist tirade.

The 37-second video begins with a white man coming up to the car where Arsalan Ghousi, the man recording the video, is sitting. As the unnamed white man approaches the car, he's heard yelling "what the f*ck, Afghanistan?"

"Why are you being such a b*tch, Afghanistan?" the man yells, fists clenched in rage. He proceeded to continue to use expletives and call the man "Afghanistan" multiple times throughout the duration of the video.

"What's your problem?" Ghousi asked him repeatedly, occasionally trading his own expletives with the man wearing a shirt bearing the name of the Reston Association, a community board in the city.

In a statement, RA's Acting CEO Larry Butler acknowledged that the man in the racist tirade video used to be employed by the company, but hadn't worked for it since 2015.

"The association strongly condemns the remarks made by the former employee, who briefly worked at RA from March-August 2015," Butler's statement read.

You can watch the video below, via Ghousi's Facebook.