WATCH: White women rant about 'fat Mexican b*tches' after cops refuse to immediately arrest Latino neighbors
A white woman berates her Latino neighbors in Denver, Colorado (Screen cap).

Two white women were caught on camera this week angrily berating their Latino neighbors in their neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

In a video posted on YouTube by a user named Carlos Ruiz, two young white women are shown getting into a physical altercation with one of their Latino neighbors.

After the physical altercation ends, the two women continue yelling insults at the Latino family -- which prompts one of the neighbors to reply, "You're drunk, I'm not, you're going to jail."

"You are!" one of the women replies.

"You came to my property!" the neighbor shoots back, which only angers one of the white women even more.

"Look at yourself!" she screams. "Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us?"

The police show up soon afterward and the two white women implore them to arrest the Latino neighbors. When the officer responding to the altercation tells the two women to "go wait at your house," however, they get even angrier.

"You old, fat Mexican b*tches!" one of them yells at the family.

"It's looking real good for you," the officer sarcastically replies to the woman.

Watch the video below..