WATCH: Woman yells ‘call the police’ during racist meltdown — but she’s the one who gets arrested

Over the weekend, a video went viral of a woman spewing racial insults on a bus.

"Get the f*ck out of my country!" she screamed, at a passenger who had the wherewithal to record the incident. She also ranted against "illegal immigrants."

As News 12 points out, although the woman's actions are deeply disturbing, the incident played out as it should: the bus driver called the police, kicked the woman off of the bus, and she was arrested on the side of the road.

Another passenger condemned her actions. "It looks like she was intoxicated. I hope she wasn't normal thinking and talking like that. It's just very sad," Michael Constantinides, told News 12.

The passenger who recorded the incident is in touch with the county's commission on human rights.