Watergate fall-guy John Dean has advice for Michael Cohen: 'When you kick the king -- it better take care of the job'
John Dean, Former White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon (Photo: Screen capture)

Michael Cohen's new lawyer Lanny Davis is already trying to compare his client to Watergate fall-guy John Dean, but John Dean has his own advice.

Dean told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Cohen was never in the White House, rather he was part of the Trump Organization and worked with the president long before he was ever the president.

"But if he's determined to step up and tell the truth, that's something I did do while I was at the White House," Dean said.

"So, your advice to Cohen is basically, if he is going to cooperate, he better be prepared to go the whole way and pull no punches?" Cooper asked.

Dean agreed with Cooper that it is exactly what Cohen should do.

"He cannot shade this," Dean explained. "He cannot try to be self-serving in any way. He's got to be prepared to take the heat."

Dean said when he broke rank, he told his colleagues ahead of time that he was doing it. He hired a lawyer, who told him "I don't do pleas," but looked to see if Dean had any options.

"And he thought I had a lot of options," Dean recalled "So, we did go forward. He was a very savvy lawyer in his representation of me. But he also said, 'John, remember when you kick the king, it better take care of the job.'"

Cooper noted that Michael Wolf's book Fire and Fury did, however, describe the president talking to the television when Dean came on CNN.

"Trump, I don't think has much real insight into Watergate," Dean assessed. "I don't think he has any real understanding of what my role was. He doesn't know history well at all. We'll see if the lawyers that represent Michael do."

Watch his full commentary below: