The White House staffers hoping to bail on Trump will stay until the new Supreme Court nominee is confirmed
Donald McGahn (USA Politics)

There was a list of White House staffers ready to race out of the West Wing doors, but then Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy decided to retire. Now they're lives are on hold.

ABC News is reporting those staffers have decided to wait to abandon the president until after the new justice is confirmed, three White House officials and two outside advisors told ABC.

"White House counsel Don McGahn, Legislative Affairs director Marc Short and Domestic Policy director Andrew Bremberg have told colleagues in the days following Supreme Court Justice Kennedy's retirement announcement that they plan to stay on staff through the confirmation process," ABC said.

This list did not include Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah, the press secretary and deputy press secretary, both of whom expressed interest in leaving by the end of the year, according to White House sources.

McGahn is said to be "excited" about the new justice and working on finding the right person.