Neo-Nazi ventriloquist who went on racist Starbucks rampage says he's not racist
Andrew R. Angel allegedly attacked a Hispanic man at a Starbucks/Screenshots

An Illinois man has been charged with a hate crime after attacking a Hispanic man at a Starbucks, reports.

Andrew R. Angel, 44, allegedly attacked a Hispanic man who was resting in his car in the city of Countryside, southwest of Chicago.

Angel allegedly put a flier with a swastika on it on the man's car. When the Hispanic man saw it, he followed Angel into the Starbucks and attempted to hand it back to him.

Angel allegedly "caused a disturbance inside the Starbucks" and then left, waiting for the Hispanic man outside. Angel allegedly cursed and yelled more racial slurs at the man then dared him to act by saying "what are you going to do about it?"

Angel then allegedly got into his car and peeled around the parking lot yelling more racial slurs before police showed up and arrested him.

Angel's car was searched by police who found clothing with swastikas and Confederate flags, a Ku Klux Klan hood, white supremacist literature and a ventriloquist dummy, Patch reports.

Angel told police he was not targeting the Hispanic man and that the racial slurs were uttered because he was "singing along with a rap song."

"I put [the flyers] on anybody's vehicle no matter what their race," Angel said. "The American Nazi Party accepts support from any race. I wasn't singling him out. It's not about white supremacy but more of a political group that shows interest in helping people with taxes and jobs."

Angel also denied to police that he was a neo-Nazi or white supremacist. But according to Patch, the interests listed on his social media profiles include Christianity, white nationalism, ventriloquism, professional wrestling and circuses.

Angel is reportedly homeless and lives in his car. He is now banned from Starbucks pending trial.