WSJ columnist alleges massive FBI conspiracy to protect Peter Strzok -- Trump's own director apparently involved
Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel alleged that Trump's own FBI director is part of a vast conspiracy to destroy him on Fox News/Screenshot

FBI director Christopher Wray is a lifelong Republican who was appointed by President Donald Trump to head the agency.

Could Wray and the rest of the conservative-leaning criminal justice organization be plotting against Donald Trump?

A Wall Street Journal columnist apparently thinks so. Appearing on Fox News Saturday night, Kimberly Strassel alleged there is a massive conspiracy to protect Peter Strzok that goes all the way to the top.

"Even though it was there were two more powerful players in the room, both working to protect Peter Strzok from having to answer any questions. One was the FBI. As you heard on this clip, there was a lawyer that sat behind him the entire time and directed him not to answer any questions about the Russia investigation. So this is the FBI continuing to obstruct Congressional oversight... it was crazy."

The Fox News host said it was part of a strategy to protect Strzok, and Strassel agreed, suggesting that she believed the entire organization is corrupt.

"That gag order was obviously bogus from the start," she said. "Listen, that FBI lawyer and probably Christopher Wray was watching this back at headquarters, the Republicans were at the end of their rope about to lose it so they actually did allow Peter Strzok to answer some questions. Why couldn't that have happened at the start? What other areas is it perfectly fine for him to talk about. But they just don't want Congress to have any details about this organization."

It is possible that the FBI does not want Republicans to have information could be because at least one congressional candidate allegedly asked Russians for stolen documents during the 2016 election.

Watch below.