'You're appalling': Nina Turner fact-checks Trump-lovers on CNN over the root of racism in America
Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D)

CNN's Jake Tapper's panel went off the rails while talking about the root of racism in America. During the segment, Tapper played a clip of an immigrant mother pleading for her child.

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, said that the foundation of President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy is racism.

"When President Trump talks about illegal immigration we talk about MS-13 and [the] horror and [say that they ] should be deported if not put in prison." But the reality is that a lot of the stories are these type of people, low skill, migrant women fleeing violence with their small children," Tapper said.

"They vilify black and brown folks. Let's be honest. They picked that narrative deliberately," Turner said.

"Even when he made the sh*ithole country comment. He was talking about countries and nations of color. Let's not delude ourselves," Turner said. "This is a deliberate narrative that the president used. It's a deliberate policy his administration has put in place to dehumanize black and brown people in this country and it plays to a certain segment of this country."

President Donald Trump's former aide David Urban said that it was "sad," but that facts matter. Conservative Mary Katherine Ham, told Turner to take her racism pitch to the "polls"

"I do look forward to that midterm pitch, that America specializes in vilifying black and brown people," Ham said.

Turner then fact-checked both of them about racism and said that it wasn't about a great "pitch" but a reality she lives every day.

"In 1916 it will be 400 years since the first Africans were brought to this country as slaves. It is not a pitch. It's reality and the fact you take a cavalier attitude about the suffering of black and brown people in the country is appalling...just appalling," Turner said.

Watch below.