Affluenza teen's mom back in jail after being busted with meth
Tonya Couch (R) enters the courtroom to appear before state District Judge Wayne Salvant in Fort Worth, Texas, January 8, 2016. REUTERS/Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Pool

Tonya Couch, the mother of Affluenza teen Ethan Couch, is back in jail after being busted using meth, reports the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Couch is the mother of Ethan Couch, who drunkenly killed four people and injured several others in a 2013 car crash. During his trial, Couch claimed to suffer from “affluenza,” because his affluent upbringing kept him from learning right from wrong.

After escaping with only probation and court-ordered therapy, Ethan Couch was busted partying in violation of his parole. So his mother, Tonya, snuck across the border to hide at a Mexican resort.

Both mother and son went to jail after being captured in Mexico, but Ethan has since been released.

However, Tonya Couch, 51, is still facing charges of money laundering and hindering the apprehension of a felon related to the Mexico escapade.

In June, while out on bond awaiting trial, she was busted testing positive for methamphetamine, according to court document.

She had also been busted testing positive for another substance in March.

Tonya Couch will now be in jail until her trial.