Alan Dershowitz goes on Fox News to lash out at 'liar' Michael Cohen and claim 'every campaign' violates the law
Alan Dershowitz on Fox News/Screenshot

Retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz just published a book called The Case Against Impeaching Trump.

Dershowitz continued to defend his premise, even as the president's former campaign manager and personal attorney both became felons within minutes of each other on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Dershowitz appeared on Fox & Friends to maintain that Trump is not in any legal jeopardy.

"The death knell that they've been sounding on some other cable television is a bit exaggerated," Dershowitz said. "There are many, many steps that need to be taken before the president is in legal jeopardy."

Dershowitz gave his opinion that if Trump paid-off accusers with his own money and didn't report it, it's "not a crime."

"The election laws are a morass of misdemeanors, felonies, crimes, non-crimes with exceptions," he said.

Dershowitz then lashed out at Michael Cohen, saying "the only evidence that the president has done anything wrong comes from a man who is admitted to be a liar." (Michael Cohen taped conversations with the president, which would appear to solve this perceived problem.)

"Every campaign has violated some technical campaign law," he said.

Watch below.