Bill Maher breaks down why Republicans don't mind being Russian stooges: 'It's just white people helping white people'
Bill Maher delivers a monologue/Screenshot

Bill Maher returned to a new season of his long-running HBO show, Real Time, on Friday night.

After a monthlong break, he had a wealth of material for the show.

But the highlight of the night may have been his closing speech, in which Maher broke down why Republicans don't mind being Russian stooges.

"Yes, the president of the United States is a traitor, but being Trump, a man who has never been faithful to anyone besides himself, it's not such a surprise," he said. "But how did Russia flip an entire Republican party?"

Maher laid out the history of radial Republican aligning with Russians.

"I think the dirty little secret about the Republicans and their newfound love of baseball, apple pie and Mother Russia is that it's about race," he said.

Maher then proceeded to go through the whiteness of Russian culture.

"Russia is a honky oasis and the Republicans love it," he said.

Which is why the Russians didn't mind Russian interference in the 2016 interference.

"To the members of the Grand Old Party Russian meddling in our elections isn't a breech of national security it's just white people helping white people," Maher said.

Watch below.