Black nurse barred from doing her job after a patient calls her a 'black b*tch': lawsuit
Frustrated nurse (Shutterstock)

A Dearborn, Michigan nurse is suing a hospital for racial discrimination after the facility honored the wishes of a patient who didn't want a black woman taking care of her, reports WXYZ.

Teoka Williams, who'd worked at Beaumont Dearborn since 2008, says she overheard a woman say she didn't want a "black bitch" taking care of her. Williams complained to her manager, who responded by instructing Williams to stop going into the woman's room—even though there was another patient in the room who needed care as well. A white nurse was dispatched to the room instead.

According to the lawsuit, when she complained to Human Resources, they told her that patient's wishes had priority over her ability to do her job.

Williams said the incident made her feel "harassed, humiliated and discriminated against."


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