'Blocking is my best friend': SNL's Leslie Jones gives social media tips to CNN's Van Jones
Leslie Jones dicussing blocking trolls on Van Jones' CNN show/Screenshot

Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones appeared on CNN's Van Jones show on Saturday and discussed her special media strategy.

Jones was the target of abuse after she was cast in the Ghost Busters reboot. Milo Yiannopoulos was among those banned from the platform for heaping abuse on her.

"When this stuff started happening, I'm going to be honest, like i told you, I'm not scared of somebody that's on a computer. But what was upsetting was that it was a bunch of people with evil as their goal," she said. "They were joining together in evil."

Jones says she didn't have time for it.

"I don't let it live there—I know who I am and I know what they are," she said. "Block the evil... I used to respond to it because I'm a comedian so like I'm gonna smack 'em. 'Oh no, your momma too!' But that's what they want. They want that attention," she said.

Now, Jones says, she blocks—aggressively.

"Blocking is my best friend. I don't even answer people anymore. As soon as they say something: block," she said. "That's how I answer questions now: block. I've had people hit me and say 'I think you blocked me by mistake.' Nope! Block."

Watch below.