Bundy defendants are suing the federal government -- and you'll never believe who their lawyer is
Attorney Larry Klayman and President Barack Obama (Photo: Freedom Watch and Screen capture)

The Bundy family engaged in a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management after a battle over unpaid grazing fees totaling $1 million. Two men were found guilty on felony charges while four others were acquitted. President Donald Trump later pardoned two men at the center of the standoff. Now acquitted Rick Lovelien and Steven Stewart are suing the government for $60 million.

Lawyer Larry Klayman filed a complaint alleging "that the prosecutors, without any evidence, falsely entrapped, charged and then maliciously prosecuted Lovelien and Stewart for obstruction of justice, along with several other demonstrably false charges."

Klayman is the same attorney that has sued former President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton a total of 18 times through Judicial Watch. He also sued to prevent President Barack Obama from being on the Florida ballot in 2012 because he was "not a natural born citizen."

He's been barred from appearing before at least two judges. He has been reprimanded by the Florida Bar Association and publicly censured by the Washington, D.C. Bar.

Klayman says that his clients were "left to rot in jail" for two years before their trial.

"During this time, the plaintiffs allegedly suffered great emotional distress, physical harm, and financial damage. The complaint also seeks punitive damages," he wrote on his blog.

The complaint was filed in D.C. federal court.