‘My business is my business’: Florida man lashes out at neighbor who called police on him for burning raccoon alive
Ezra James, speaking to News 6 about his arrest on a charge of animal cruelty resulting in death.

An elderly Florida man is showing no remorse after being arrested for burning a caged raccoon alive, WKMG New 6 reports.

Ezra James, 88, posted $2,000 bond after spending a night in the Brevard County Jail.

"I don't like it, I don't like nothing about it," he said of his time in jail.

James blamed the raccoon for eating his mangoes.

"I throw some gasoline on him and I light a match," James said.

And he is refusing to apologize to his neighbors and singled out one neighbor for calling police.

"She is a wicked woman," he argued. "My business is my business. I don't take my business to strangers."

Palm Bay police shot the animal to put it out of his misery.