Bystanders corner fleeing Florida man in IKEA after woman calls him out for upskirting
Jose Carlos Barrios

A Florida man has been charged with video voyeurism after police found 57 videos on his phone where he tried to film up women's skirts.

59-year-old Jose Carlos Barrios was caught trying to film a woman on an escalator of an IKEA. A woman noticed and loudly yelled, “You’re sick,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

Surveillance video shows Barrios tried to flee, but hit a dead end at the store. He was apprehended by shoppers, who called the police.

“He was stalking different females,” Police Officer Luis Fernandez told WSVN.

“Bold and very aggressive type of crime if you think about the circumstances,” said Fernandez. “This is the middle of the day, at IKEA, broad daylight.”

When police confiscated his phone, they found 57 other videos of Barrios' efforts to document the insides of women's skirts.

Barrios has resigned from his position at the Cross Catholic Outreach.