C-SPAN caller shocks Washington Post columnist with racist rant: 'Death to that n*gg*r Obama'
Paul Waldman and Jim Antle (C-SPAN/screen grab)

Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman revealed on Sunday that a C-SPAN caller had threatened the life of former President Barack Obama during a racist tirade.

Waldman said that he was appearing on the Sunday edition C-SPAN's Washington Journal when a caller used the N-word to refer to Obama and then wished for his death

A Raw Story review of Sunday's Washington Journal suggested that C-SPAN had used its 7-second delay to cut off the caller before the slur aired.

In the case of one racist caller on the Republican line, the C-SPAN host was forced to quickly hang up.

"Barack Obama is an illegal alien!" the caller named Christopher boomed.

"How do you know this?" the C-SPAN host asked.

At that point, the show's audio cut for about 2 seconds, suggesting that C-SPAN producers censored the caller. It was obvious from the expressions on the faces of the two guests that the caller had said something offensive.

"Let's try to get somebody who has something constructive to add to the conversation," the host said.

Earlier this month, another C-SPAN caller threatened to "shoot" CNN analyst Brian Stelter.

Watch the clip below from C-SPAN.