Chris Collins tells his supporters he plans to keep them in the dark about insider trading charges
Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) speaking at Yahoo in 2015. Photo by Tabercil via Creative Commons.

The congressman taken into custody by the FBI on Wednesday told supporters of his re-election campaign that he "will not address" the charges.

Collins letter to supporters was sent by his congressional campaign shortly after a press conference by FBI Director Christopher Wray. The letter was posted online by New York Times reporter Shane Goldmacher.

"I'm sorry to tell you that I have some very bad news to share," the letter, on campaign letterhead, began.

"Because my focus is to defeat these charges in Court, after today, I will not address any issues related to Innate Immunotherapeutics," he claimed.

The GOP congressman will not be resigning from Congress. The letter claims Rep. Collins "will continue to work hard for the people of the 27th Congressional District of New York while remaining on the ballot for reelection this November."