Chris Cuomo breaks down Trump's strategy to distract America: Trump attacking Google is 'devoid of any facts'
CNN's Chris Cuomo [Photo: screenshot from video]

On Tuesday, CNN's Chris Cuomo said that President Donald Trump's threat towards Google and other search engines was just a distraction.

"Looks like President Trump has a new way to avoid McCain's legacy and Mueller's reach — a hot notion that Google is out to get him," Cuomo said.

Cuomo said that Trump's claim that Google is biased against him is "devoid of any facts"

"Trump had a senior adviser announce that your tax dollars will be used to investigate Trump's concerns, but I can tell you for free that this whole deal this morning was as much about distraction as it is about the discovery of a pernicious practice by Google," Cuomo said.

He added, "This is what he does. He finds something that can divide, that has a little bit of a fact gap, and then he exploits it to advantage. Once again, the facts just aren't on his side."

Watch the video below via CNN.