Catholic priest fired for sexual abuse received a recommendation to work at Disneyland: report
Catholic priest covering face (Shuttershock)

On Tuesday, CNN's correspondent, Jean Casarez, sat down with Jake Tapper to discuss the "incredibly, disturbing"  report that detailed decades of sexual assault cases from Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania.

"Now that it's out, the details are incredibly disturbing," Tapper said.

"The abuse is far too graphic to describe in details," Casarez said. "But here is just one example: a priest sexually assaulted a little girl as he was visiting her in the hospital after she had her tonsils out. Grand jurors found that church leaders in every part of the state preferred to protect the abusers and institutions above all."

She then detailed one case where a known sexual abuser asked for a recommendation to work at Disneyland.

"The report describes a priest who quit after being the subject of many child abuse complaints, but he asked for and received according to this report a letter of recommendation for work at Disneyland," she said.

Watch the video below via CNN.