CNN highlights how Trump officials are being rebuked by their own families
Composite image, Photo of President Donald Trump by Flicker User Michael Vadon and screengrab of White House political adviser Stephen Miller.

On Monday, Stephen Miller's uncle published a scathing op-ed in Politico, calling out his own nephew for his hypocritical attacks on immigrants. "I felt it was incumbent upon me to raise my voice," he said.

"My parents would have gone up the crematoriam chimney," his uncle, David Glosser, said when asked why he wrote a piece attacking his own nephew. He pointed out that if Miller's own not-so-distant relatives had not come to America, it's fairly likely they'd have died in the Holocaust.

Miller is considered the chief architect of anti-immigrant policies like the opposition to family unification. His uncle pointed out that what Trump supporters derisively refer to as "chain migration" actually helped Miller's own ancestors come to America for a better life.

On Tuesday, CNN presented a segment in which they pointed out that Miller is not the only Trump administration official to earn the ire of their own family members. It's yet another thing that seems to differentiate the Trump White House from any scandal-ridden White House that has come before it.

"From top to bottom in this administration, over and over again, you see these disagreements ... another example of how abnormal what we see on a day in and day out basis in the Trump administration.