CNN host stomps on Bikers for Trump's Harley-Davidson boycott by revealing group T-shirts are made in Haiti
Poppy Harlow speaks to Chris Cox (CNN/screen grab)

A member of the group Bikers for Trump tried to explain to CNN on Monday why the group could have T-shirts printed in Haiti but is boycotting Harley-Davidson for making motorcycles overseas.

Bikers for Trump activist Chris Cox told CNN's Poppy Harlow that his group is supporting a boycott of Harley-Davidson after the company said that it was moving some manufacturing out of the country due to President Donald Trump's tariffs on aluminum and steel.

"If we had our way, we would help Harley-Davidson reinvent that company and get it back to its American roots to remember the veterans, the blue collar and people that kept them afloat all these years," Cox said. "Many times they were in turmoil and we stuck with them. Now we need them and all other companies to stick with America."

Harlow noted that the motorcycle company was moving part of its operations to Europe because Trump's tariffs could cost it up to $100 million.

"Getting to the substance, this is a regulatory filing where Harley-Davidson talks about the fact that its business would not be sustainable," Harlow noted. "It says it's the only sustainable option to move this production, which is what a lot of automakers do -- they make cars in Europe they sell in Europe. They make cars in Asia that they sell in Asia. This is not the first company to do that."

Harlow made her point by observing that Bikers for Trump sells T-shirts that are made in Haiti.

"Case in point, you sell these trump T-shirts. Did you bring one with you?" Harlow asked.

"No. Your producer asked me to send one. I was happy to," Cox admitted. "I think you're getting your information from The New York Times. They forgot to mention our staple is our patch. This is made in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For us to sell T-shirts that are made in America really just is not very affordable for the bikers."

"Isn't that doing exactly what Harley is doing?" Harlow asked.

"Like Harley-Davidson, Bikers for Trump was born in America," Cox opined. "We don't survive on the blood, sweat and spit of the American blue collar and the veteran who kept them afloat for so long."

Watch the video below from CNN.