CNN panel breaks out into hysterics after wondering if Trump bothered Googling Paul Manafort before hiring him
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, more details—including brazen financial scams and Rick Gates' extramarital affair—emerged in the Manafort hearing.

In a CNN panel that afternoon, legal experts tried to suss out what the revelations might mean for President Donald Trump and his associates—and if the fraud and tax evasion on display could tie Trump or members of his campaign to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As Jen Psaki, former White House Communications Director under Obama, pointed out, Manafort's shady connections to Russian oligarchs should not have been a big surprise to anyone. That led her to wonder if a single Trump advisor had bothered Googling Paul Manafort before giving him a job.

"The fact that he was hired by the Trump team despite these Russia ties is also something that should raise questions. You could Google it you didn't even have to do a big investigation to know that," Psaki joked.

CNN host Jake Tapper agreed.

"It was an odd pick," he said.

Nevertheless, a panelist pointed out that it's possible that all Donald Trump is guilty of is running "an unconventional" campaign. The panelists busted up laughing at the overly generous description of the Trump campaign as merely "unconventional."