CNN panel hammers Trump for his rant about 'violence' if GOP loses: 'A dangerous new low'
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

CNN's John Avlon on Wednesday berated President Donald Trump for trying to stoke fears of his evangelical Christian base by warning them that there would be "violence" against them if Republicans lose this fall's midterm elections.

"He's not using fear in the way that politicians sometimes do," Avlon said. "This is outright promises and threats of violence. So let's not normalize that -- this is a decided moving of the goal posts from the president of the United States, in private to a faith-based community, saying that there will be violence, presumably against them and his administration, if the Democrats win. That is a dangerous new low."

Bloomberg White House correspondent Toluse Olorunnipa similarly said that stoking fear among supporters was Trump's bread-and-butter tactic for driving out voters.

"He's trying to stir up the emotion of fear in his voters because he believes that fear is more motivational for voters than hope or than aspirations of what he's going to do or advance an agenda," he said. "He wants people to be fearful that Democrats are going to take something away from them."

Watch the video below.