CNN legal analyst says momentum is building for the Manafort jury -- and Trump's ex-campaign chief may be toast

As the jury continues its deliberations, CNN legal analyst Paul Callan explained why things aren't looking so good for the defendant, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Putting himself in the jury's shoes, Callan discounted the idea that the defense would be able to obtain a partial verdict. "You're going through all of these complicated charges and every one, you say he's innocent. There's sort of a momentum that builds up," he said. "Then are you going to ding him just on the one last count? Because, you know, maybe it's a closer call."

"No, I don't think so," Callan scoffed, with a tight grin. "I think most juries probably once they're in that innocent sort of role, they're going to just check off innocent all the way down. That's why -I think- this feels like guilty on the other counts."

Callan admitted that he could understand "how this jury would have struggled with this complex case," which involved "ten days of testimony, 27 witnesses, over 370 exhibits, and... counts involving income tax evasion, bank fraud, involving offshore banks, banks in Cypriot, implications with Ukraine and other countries."

Watch the video below.