CNN's Angela Rye slams Republicans for 'demonizing' Omarosa for acting no different than anybody else in the GOP
Angela Rye talks on CNN (Screen cap).

On Monday, political commentator Angela Rye said she would only stick up for former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman for one reason.

"What I think is really interesting, and this is the only time you'll probably ever hear me defending Omarosa, and it certainly won't be her actions, but I haven't heard this same criticism by Republicans leveled at Steve Bannon, who pretty much did the same thing," Rye said.

"Maybe he didn't record anyone, right, but this is certainly the same type of behavior of Stephen Miller or some of the other folk who are supposed to serve the American people, but instead are serving not only their own self-interests but also the interests of this president," she said.

Rye continued by saying that people are "demonizing" Omarosa after she released a tell-all book about President Trump

"What's really fascinating that all of a sudden Omarosa is super demonized. I never liked her, but nevertheless, she's not acting any differently than the rest of the people who have either been summarily dismissed or some of the folks who still sit in the White House.

Watch the video below via CNN.