CNN's Camerota flattens Trump supporter who tries to dismiss her network's reporting as fake news
CNN's Alisyn Camerota scolds John Sununu (Screen cap).

CNN's Alisyn Camerota unleashed hell on former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu after he tried to dismiss her own network's reporting as fake news.

During a discussion of President Donald Trump's reaction to the passing of Sen. John McCain, Camerota pointed to reports that the president personally intervened to block a White House statement praising McCain's life and service to his country.

Sununu quickly brushed this aside as fake news, however.

"Look, that was printed in the Washington Post," he said. "And I have to be honest with you, I don't give much credence to what I read."

"We also have that reporting," Camerota shot back.

"Yeah, well, same thing applies, Alisyn," he said.

Camerota at this point grew indignant that Sununu would come onto her network and dismiss its work as fake news.

"You come on CNN and we appreciate you coming on CNN, and we appreciate your take on it," she said. "But I don't appreciate you denigrating our reporting. We have excellent reporters here. Are you saying you don't want to believe that, you don't want to believe that President Trump would do that about John McCain?"

"I'm saying, I don't want to comment on a report that I haven't satisfied myself is correct," he said.

In addition to CNN and the Washington Post, Trump-friendly Fox News has also confirmed that Trump personally intervened to block the release of a statement praising McCain.

Watch the video below.