CNN's Chris Cuomo explains how today's news is actually bad for America -- with an increasingly unhinged Trump
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Chris Cuomo argued Tuesday that the guilty verdicts and pleas from top Donald Trump allies aren't the best thing for the United States.

He explained that it is a bad day for the administration, but worse the president "waved away" the verdict for former campaign chair Paul Manafort as if it was "bogus."

"We know you by the company you keep," Cuomo continued. The host noted that Trump is clearly disrespecting the people on the jury who did their civic duty and delivered a verdict. Now, their president sees them as part of the witch hunt.

"Shame on him and thank you to those jurors for their service," Cuomo said.

Meanwhile, Cuomo noted the silence from Trump when it comes to the plea from his former "fixer" Michael Cohen.

"Now, the president's supporters will say Cohen is an admitted liar but you heard [Cohen attorney] Lanny Davis," Cuomo continued. "He made a good point: the president's current counsel said he directed Cohen to do what he did and that's OK. Now they are felonies."

Today's confession, however, was different because he was under oath. One isn't under oath while appearing in the media.

"If he lies about the president directing him, his freedom goes bye-bye," Cuomo quipped. "He has little reason to lie so if he's correct that would also mean the president has been lying to all of you again, and again. Now we know why Trump would have been lying."

Cuomo found it interesting that Trump refers to someone like Cohen as a rat when he tells the truth under oath.

He then displayed a list of all of the people that once worked for Trump that he now considers a "liar" or a "fraud" or both. The list is a substantial one.

"They will never absorb all the names," he said. "These are the people and the president who have been fired, proven as frauds or liars or both. Look at the list, and it's just a fraction. The man who coined the phrase drain the swamp added the biggest varmints we've ever seen on it. Many on this board may be players in the Russia probe, maybe Manafort and Cohen, well within reach. What else could they say?"

His other reason that it could be bad is that it's actually getting in the way of the work of "making America great again." With Trump's attention divided by scandal, the government will fall by the wayside. And it isn't likely that Trump's polling is going to change much in the end. As the crowd and West Virginia displayed, there wasn't a "boo" in the house.

Watch his full commentary below: