CNN's Chris Cuomo hammers conservative's alternative facts on Trump's wall: 'You guys make up this BS -- this isn't Game of Thrones'
Ana Navarro, Chris Cuomo and Steve Cortes (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump has announced that he's willing to shut down the government if he doesn't get the funding for his border wall. Oddly enough the proposal passed by the Senate gave Trump his funding, but it was still rejected. But when it came to the facts, conservative Steve Cortes came up a little short.

Cortes began by talking about "the swamp" but Republican strategist Ana Navarro called him on a White House talking point.

"Nothing looks more like a swamp than Donald Trump's cabinet, OK?" she said. Navarro went on to explain that no park ranger on the federal payroll makes as much money as Wilbur Ross or Betsy DeVos. The cabinet officials won't suffer, but the lower-paid workers in the federal government will.

When Cortes tried to claim that the border wall would "make us 95 percent safer," Cuomo literally called BS.

"How much did the 2013 shutdown cost?" Cuomo asked.

"I don't know the number," Cortes confessed.

"And neither does the president," Cuomo shot back. "I would guess, right? $20 billion and .3 percentage points in gross domestic product. The federal government had to pay additional interest payments that were late because people were prevented from enrolling in clinical trials at the National Institute of Health. $4 billion in tax refunds were delayed. You really think this comes for free? Ninety-five percent? Why don't you just say jiggagillion percent? Because it's as accurate as saying 95 percent. You don't know at all what percentage difference a border wall will make on what comes across and what kind of problems we would have. You don't have any basis for that number that you said."

"What I know now is that what we're doing isn't working," Cortes said.

"No, 95 percent better? That's like -- where is that coming from?" Cuomo asked.

"Yes, I believe that," Cortes said.

"Oh, well if it's what you believe," Cuomo quipped.

"It's not as if I pulled it out of the air," Cortes shot back.

"Yes you did," Cuomo called him out. He asked if Cortes was going off of numbers from the Great Wall of China or in Israel. He noted that he'd spent a lot of time with the drug cartels for an El Chapo documentary and that all of their drugs are run through tunnels and a wall wouldn't stop it.

"You know, you guys make up this BS to make people think that the wall -- we're a wall away from no one ever getting in again," Cuomo said. "This isn't 'Game of Thrones,' Steve. Why talk that nonsense?"

Watch the debate below: