CNN's David Axelrod: ‘Trump is literally Nero’ and his ‘bipolar administration’ is putting America in jeopardy
CNN political commentator David Axelrod. (Screenshot)

David Axelrod, a political commentator and former chief strategist for Barack Obama, warned Friday that President Donald Trump was putting the United States in jeopardy.

During a discussion on CNN about Trump dismantling Obama's legacy, Axelrod said he was less concerned with protecting the past and more concerned with what the president was currently doing.

"Well, look, let me make clear, and I've said this before here and elsewhere, I don't care about the Obama legacy," Axelrod said. "History will take care of that. It's the practical implications of these policies. You guys read news and so you're covering stories at the same time the administration rolling back these measures that are meant to try and combat climate change."

"And these runaway wildfires in the west and these floods in the east, there are real implications to these policies. You look at the wildfires, Trump is literally Nero while the west burns and that is what concerns me, the real life implications of this."

The former Obama adviser also commented on a White House press briefing from Thursday, in which a number of intelligence and law enforcement officials warned about cyber attacks and foreign influence campaigns targeting the 2018 elections.

"Well, we have a bipolar administration," Axelrod said. "We have a president saying one thing and his administration saying another. It's important they did what they did. It's also important for the president to stop undercutting that message and sending signals to Moscow that the back door is going to be open."

"I think it puts us in jeopardy. I have confidence in people who were standing on that platform," he added. "I think they were serious people. They've been attacked by this president as well. But when the president speaks, people listen and Vladimir Putin listens as well. We need to be -- we need to move forward as one. And it's concerning and bewildering that this president is willing to undercut these folks on what is a major, major concern for our democracy."

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