CNN's David Gregory: It’s not the media’s fault Trump surrounded himself with criminals

CNN's David Gregory smacked down Donald Trump's efforts to blame everybody but himself for his current legal troubles, which have now been complicated by Michael Cohen's guilty plea and Paul Manafort's guilty verdict. He also said that Trump's problems spelled trouble for the Republican party in the 2018 midterm elections.

"You know, the president can say its a rigged investigation. He can blame the news media," Gregory said. "It's not the news media's fault he surrounded himself with these people who got convicted of crimes or pled guilty to crimes. It's not our fault for reporting this out. This is his judgement. This is their decisions."

Those decisions, Gregory added included lying "to the American people about paying off a woman to keep her story silent about having an affair," which he compared to Bill Clinton's problems in the 1990s.

"Maybe it won't matter," Gregory said, predicting trouble for the Republicans in November. "You know, it mattered to the likes of Kavanaugh, [Trump's] Supreme Court nominee, it mattered to him in the context of Bill Clinton and Paula Jones. Maybe the electorate has moved on. Or maybe Trump and the party are facing the real prospect that a lot of Republicans and a lot of independents, maybe not the core supporters of Trump, may say enough with the drama and he may really see some sliding support. I think that's that real worry in the White House."

Watch the video below.